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Goal management that fosters collaboration and transparency


Empower your employees with goals that stimulate autonomy and creativity


Connect individual objectives to the corporate strategy


Get insight into your goal progress


Share feedback on your progress

Set SMART goals

Together managers and teammates set clear, measurable, realistic and time-bound objectives.

objectifs SMART

Align individual efforts with organizational goals

Every objective is related to a higher-level objective directly aligned to the strategic corporate goals. Employees can see how their work is connected to organizational goals.

Alignement stratégique

Track your goal progress

Get real-time insights into the status of your goals and those of our teammates. Set priorities to focus on what matters.

Suivi de performance, avancement

Communicate to reach your goals

Having regular discussions with your teammates helps you anticipate pain points and move forward. Plan your One-on-Ones and prepare your meetings sending custom forms for your team members.

Communication, entretiens annuels

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