360° feedback

Create a feedback culture to adapt to new work structures

Your teams are working more and more in project mode, and are asking for more and more real-time feedback, etc. Adapt your appraisal methods using the 360° feedback module.

example de l'application
Evaluez autrement vos collaborateurs

Evaluate your employees differently

Impliquez vos équipes dans l’échange

Involve your teams in the exchange

Améliorez l’engagement

Improve commitment

Identifiez les axes de développement

Identify areas for development

Configurez une évaluation collective

Set up a collective appraisal

Set up a 360° feedback framework and adapt appraisal content.

Launch the 360​° appraisal in 3 clicks

Simply set who is being appraised and who is appraising them. They will be informed of the procedure to follow.

Lancez en 3 clics l’évaluation 360°
Impliquez chaque collaborateur dans les processus d’évaluations

Enable each of your employees to get involved in appraisal processes

Your employees have easy access to their appraisals and can respond to surveys in one click.

Manage your appraisal cycles and send reminders to employees

Send reminders to participants and track how they are progressing with filling out their appraisals.

Pilotez vos cycles d’évaluation et relancez les collaborateurs
Exploitez immédiatement les données et identifiez un plan de développement

Use the data immediately and identify a development plan

Quickly access an aggregated analysis report to set up your action plans.

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