Why javelo ?

The platform to digitize all your evaluation rituals and your teams' monitoring.

Interview campaigns, 360° feedback, objectives and surveys monitoring: Manage all your moments of discussion in a few clicks on a simple and intuitive platform.

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Give your teams an easy-to-use tool

Make discussions easier with an intuitive interface

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Pilotez vos initiative RH

Effectively manage all of your HR initiatives in a single platform

Define and align everyone's objectives to get the most out of your teams

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Import your employee database in seconds

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Create and customise your surveys

Launch your appraisals in just three clicks

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Drive the completion rate

Send reminders to your teams

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Analyse your campaign data

An easy-to-use and ergonomic tool, that stands out from administrative and rigid HRMSs

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  • HRIS
  • Philosophy A tool designed for managers and employees, for HR purposes A tool designed for HR administration
  • Budget €€€
  • Implementation time A few weeks Several months
  • Ease of use icon validation icon validation
  • Core business Performance management specialist Non-specialised professional
  • Flexible solution that adapts to your culture and level of maturity icon validation icon validation
  • Expertise in performance management icon validation icon validation
  • Continuous feedback icon validation icon validation

Choose and connect the best tools for all your HR needs

Connect to all your HR tools in a few clicks and synchronise all your user data. With our trusted partners, benefit from a range of complementary solutions: PayFit, PeopleSpheres, BambooHR, Lucca, Meta4, Azure AD, okta and many more...

Simplify the implementation and adoption of your tool

Import your employee files in a few minutes. Make it easy for your users to sign in by using a single login to all your tools (SSO).

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