Optimise your managerial rituals
and involve your teams, simply

Launch reinvented evaluation campaigns in less than 48 hours


Add your users

With a simple spreadsheet or via your HR tool (Payfit, Bamboo HR, Lucca…)


Set up in 3 clicks

Customise the populations and the desired evaluation format, and go!


Follow in real time

Everything is automatic, you just follow the progress at a glance.


With you every step of the way


Step 1

We start by meeting each other

With the dedicated person who will accompany you. We understand who you are, what exists and where you want to go. You know the person you are dealing with and you have full visibility on the steps that will lead to the success of your project.


Step 2

Setup and import

To meet your challenges and have good reporting, you need to make the right choices in the configuration. We advise you so that it is simple and that you have a controlled tool fully adapted to your needs.


Step 3

Integration of your favorite templates

We adapt to your context, you can simply import your existing frames or take an already optimised Javelo model and adapt it. Thanks to different modules that you can select (management, skills, training), you have a unique framework with questions customised to your populations.


Step 4


On the HR side, you choose the population, the period, you validate and that’s it! Everyone is notified by email and invited to prepare, it took you less than 10 minutes and you still have time to go for a tea / coffee break before your next meeting.


Step 5

Monitoring and success of the campaign

You have real-time graphics to monitor progress and identify delays. You can target your reminders and adapt your message. In the end, you maximise completion from the first campaign, your employees are monitored and you fulfil your obligations.


Step 6

Data analysis

Your dynamic graphs are accessible directly in Javelo and evolve in real time. You can easily filter the information and switch from a global view to an individual response. Customisable exports are available at any time to go further and cross-reference your data.


A tool suited for all employees


The tool only takes a few minutes to get used to. Javelo is a real help for conducting annual reviews.


Lead Document Controller, Momemtum

The platform is easy to use, adaptable to different business contexts. The implementation of the tool for our Momentum review campaign was quick and easy thanks to the help of the Javelo teams!


HR Officer, Momemtum

This very intuitive and efficient tool, with a clear visual and a dynamic team, greatly facilitated our end-of-year reviews. Thank you Javelo!


HR Manager, Momemtum

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