Frequently asked questions

  • What kinds of processes does Javelo support?

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    Javelo supports you in your various appraisal practices by giving you a platform that enables you to digitize your annual appraisals, job interviews, 6-year reviews, etc. Javelo also supports you in setting up more continuous performance monitoring by implementing more regular discussion points and innovative appraisal methods such as 360° feedback.

  • What are the benefits of using Javelo?

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    Javelo very frequently allows you to digitize manual or paper processes. The easy-to-use platform enables you to save time and obtain more reliable statistics in terms of monitoring your teams’ performance.

  • How does Javelo's business model work?

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    Javelo is a SaaS software that can be accessed directly via your web browser. Javelo operates based on an annual subscription which gives you access to different modules. This subscription also includes project manager support to give you the all the help you need in implementing the platform and managing your appraisal campaigns.

  • What is the average time for setting up the platform?

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    Javelo can be implemented in just a few weeks and it is very easy to incorporate all of your employee data into it. Our teams support you throughout the project.

  • Is it possible for Javelo to interface with third-party applications?

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    Javelo can be easily integrated into your HR tools (for example: Lucca, BambooHR, etc.) thanks to connections via API.

  • How does Javelo support me in setting up my first interview campaigns?

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    From the minute you start working with Javelo, a project manager is assigned to your company. They will help you set up the platform properly and will also act as an advisor. They can thus assist you in reviewing your interview framework. More especially, Javelo provides you with a library of questions and examples of very extensive frameworks.

  • Can we configure an SSO (Single Sign-On)? With Google or Outlook?

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    Javelo can sync with your corporate account and password so that you don't have to enter them each time you log in. We are currently working with the following interfaces: Google, OKTA, Azure Active Directory (AD/ADFS).

  • Which languages is platform available in?

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    The platform is available in French, English, Dutch and Spanish.

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