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Get a clear and centralized view on all your HR rituals.
Javelo helps you to know your people to motivate them and help them perform, anticipate events and build impactful HR policies.

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An effective HR monitoring tool

Manage your HR actions simply

Drive all levels of data

Identify strategic talent

Anticipate the future for your HR policies


Manage your HR calendar easily

Effortlessly schedule your various exchange formats throughout the year for effective ongoing monitoring. Say goodbye to manual follow-up by automating the creation of anniversary interviews: astonishment report, end of trial period, etc.

Deux personnes font le suivi RH des collaborateurs sur un ordinateur
deux personnes regardent un écran avec des demandes de formations


Drive all levels of data

View dynamic graphs that allow you to monitor changes in the organisation in real time. With one click, you can filter on a single employee or target a population, to offer personalised HR support as close to the field as possible.


Position your talents and identify potential

Measure and monitor employee performance to position them according to their potential. Identify top performers to retain them and find development solutions adapted to their potential.


Prepare for the future by anticipating priorities

By mapping skills and performance, you can identify opportunities and areas of concern for the future. Anticipate movements in key skills and profiles to plan the training and recruitment needed to ensure you have the strategic talent for your business.

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