Interviews and appraisals

Digitize your appraisals to centralise monitoring and use data

Javelo offers you an easy-to-use platform that gives appraisals a new lease of life.

example de l'application
Création en toute simplicité

Easy to create

Interface pensée pour les utilisateurs

User-friendly interface

Maximisation du taux de complétion

Maximise completion rate

Analyse facilitée des résultats

Easy analysis of results

modèle de questionnaire

Easily create custom frameworks

You can easily create custom interview surveys based on profiles and job positions.

Launch your appraisal campaigns in 3 clicks

Once your campaign is set up, you can select the employees to whom this campaign applies in just a few clicks.

Création de campagne
Une plateforme simple

Give your employees an easy-to-use platform

Employees and managers gain easy access to their appraisals and can prepare for their discussion beforehand.

Monitor the progress of your campaigns in real time

Managers and administrators can access a quick overview of campaign progress and can send a reminder to late responders with just a single click to ensure a completion rate of close to 100%.

suivi des campagnes
Résultat des questionnaires

Access your data quickly to launch your action plans effectively

The Javelo platform allows you to quickly view and export your data and monitor action plans.

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