Easily create your

internal skills database

With Javelo, create an internal skills database adapted to your organisation. Position your talents and identify development opportunities. You encourage the development of skills and build loyalty among employees by supporting them according to their needs.

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A simple and intuitive tool

Choose how to assess your skills

Easily associate skills according to teams or professions

Exploit the results via dynamic graphs


Choose your way of evaluation

You define the assessment scale and the level of detail relevant to your needs. You can keep it simple with a simple 3-level scale, or add as many levels as you like.

Deux personnes assises à un bureau regarde un ordinateur
Deux personnes dans un bureau


Combine skills as you wish

You choose the skills to be evaluated according to the job, level, seniority, or other criteria of your choice. This way you can evaluate the skills that are really useful for each population.


Analyse skills by combining filters

You assess the mastery of skills according to the criteria of your choice. You can thus target your actions according to the team, the managerial role, the year of arrival.

Deux personnes regardent un ordinateur et travaillent sur un référentiel de compétences


Map all competencies in a simple annual review campaign

Start your campaign with one frame for your entire population and Javelo selects the right skills for the right employees. You keep the tracking simple and the data aggregated, while assessing each employee on a case-by-case basis according to the relevant hard and soft skills.

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