Training Management

Handle training demands
without switching tools

Simplify access to training by linking it to your reviews. Without any additional review or effort, your teams can report their training needs.

You have an overall view and can manage requests in Javelo, to offer everyone the support they need.

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A simple and intuitive tool

Quickly identify the training needs of each employee

Centralise and prioritise the needs reported in a clear view

Manage requests shortly and notify your employees


Easily identify development needs

Managers and employees take advantage of the review to identify and prioritise the most relevant training for the employee’s professional development plan. The data is passed on to the HR team to ensure that all wishes are taken into account.

deux personnes regardent un écran avec des demandes de formations
Deux personnes assises à un bureau regarde un ordinateur


Have a clear vision of priority training

You centralise the training needs expressed in a clear view. Analyse on a case-by-case basis whether the wishes expressed match the development opportunities of the employee. You ensure that the training courses chosen really meet their needs and the problems of your company.


Manage and validate training requests

Directly from your dashboard, you can manage your employees’ requests in a few clicks. Validate, put on hold or refuse and notify employees. You can then extract your complete training plan for the whole company.

Une personne regarde un écran et gère des demandes de formation

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