Create the conditions for employees’ adherence to the objectives to promote everyone's performance

Converge individual objectives towards company objectives and easily manage the performance of all of your employees.

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Alignez la stratégie et l’opérationnel

Align strategy and operations

Suivez et ajustez en temps réel

Track and adjust in real time

Redonnez du sens aux objectifs

Give meaning to your objectives

Augmentez la performance

Increase the performance

Définissez facilement des objectifs clairs à chacun de vos collaborateurs

Easily set clear objectives for each of your employees

Thanks to Javelo, your managers and employees can jointly create precise, quantified, realistic and time-bound objectives.

Align everyone's missions and the group's strategic objectives

All operational objectives can be directly linked to the company's strategic objectives. Your employees are thus able to see the impact of their work in the business.

Alignez les missions de chacun et les objectifs stratégiques du groupe
Améliorez la communication interne et apportez de la transparence sur les objectifs collectifs

Improve internal communication and create transparency in terms of collective objectives

View your own progress and employee progress on the objective monitoring dashboard. Promote internal collaboration and the achievement of strategic objectives.

Manage the progress of objectives in real time

Thanks to the dashboard and its multiple monitoring indicators, you can easily follow everyone's actions.

Pilotez en temps réel l’avancement des objectifs
Communiquez plus facilement pour atteindre vos objectifs

Communicate more easily to achieve your goals

A regular review of objectives between employees enables feedback to be shared as well as planning for any potential sticking points in advance. Organise your progress points and prepare for them with customisable surveys.

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