Set clear objectives and aligned with your strategy

Align individual objectives with those of the company and easily manage the performance of all your employees.

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An intuitive tool to monitor objectives

Simplify target management

Set SMART goals easily

Monitor progress in real time

Collaborate to achieve goals


Provide transparency on objectives

Visualise your progress and that of your colleagues on the objectives monitoring dashboard. Encourage internal collaboration and the achievement of strategic objectives.


Align individual missions and strategic objectives

Define operational objectives for your employees that will enable the company’s project to be achieved. This gives your employees visibility on the impact of their work in the organisation.


Easily set clear objectives for each of your employees

With Javelo, your managers and employees can jointly define precise, quantified, realistic and time-bound objectives.


Monitor the progress of objectives in real time

Thanks to the dashboard and its multiple monitoring indicators you can easily follow the achievements of each


Communicate more easily to achieve your goals

A regular review of objectives between employees allows feedback to be shared and blockages to be anticipated. Organise your progress points and prepare them with customisable questionnaires.

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